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CharMeck Court Watch 

2014 Endorsements:

District Court
Judge Theo Nixon
Judge Casey Viser
Judge Matt Osman
Judge Sean Smith
Superior Court
Judge Bob Bell (26C)
David Kelly (26B)
Judge Lisa Bell (26B)

NC Supreme Court

Judge Eric Levinson
Mecklenburg County Sheriff
Irwin Carmichael
Will Charlotte become a safer place to live or continue to be a city that struggles with repeat offenders who negatively impact our communities? 
With your vote on November 4, you have an opportunity to advance our efforts of holding criminals accountable for their crimes by electing those individuals who have demonstrated fairness and consistency within the judicial system.
Almost six years ago, CMCW began addressing the REPEAT OFFENDER issue with which this county is plagued.  Our volunteers have spent thousands of hours in meetings and multiple courtrooms observing various judges. Through our volunteers’ hard work and determination, we have made great strides in recognizing the problems in our judicial system and creating transparency.
Our non-partisan organization is very proud to endorse these candidates because of their level of experience, knowledge, and ethics, supporting the philosophy that the citizens of Mecklenburg County should have a voice when it comes to the judicial system.  We do not endorse based on race, gender or political affiliation. 
To learn more about why we chose these candidates, please read the  ENDORSEMENT NARRATIVE  by Executive Director Marcus Philemon.
For your convenience please utilize our printable FULL ENDORSEMENT FLYER and/or CANDIDATE POLL LIST



Mission Statement

Our mission is to supply the citizens of Mecklenburg County with factual information regarding the rulings of the presiding judges in cases of individuals with extensive criminal histories that are impacting our neighborhoods.  In doing so, we are seeking accountability from the judicial system and their handling of these criminals.”
--CharMeck Court Watch
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Mecklenburg County has a reputation for being one of the most lenient judicial systems in the country!!

Please, help us to change that.  We, as citizens, need to get involved to let our judicial officers know that we are tired of the "revolving door"!!!  We want to keep repeat offenders




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