8/8/16 – Karen Leblanc – Judge Michael Duncan

Judge Michael Duncan
Karen Leblanc
Start Time
1st docket call
10 am
2nd docket call
Time judge entered
10 am
Time of 1st case
10:15 am
Time of your case
10:30 am
Division / Community
South Division- Sharon Corner Shopping Center
Charges for today’s hearing (include case #s):
2015CRS221300 (F) Obtain property under false pretenses; 2015CRS221301 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2015CRS221302 (F) Identity Theft; 2015CRS221622 (F) Identity Theft; 2015CRS221624 (F) Obtain property under false pretenses; 2015CRS221625 (F) Obtain property under false pretenses; 2015CRS221626 (F) Obtain property under false pretenses;
2015CRS221627 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2015CRS221628 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2015CRS221629 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2015CRS221630 (F) Obtain property false pretenses; 2015CRS223096 (F) Obtain property false pretenses;
2015CRS223098 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2015CRS223099 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2015CRS223100 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2015CRS223101 (F) Identity Theft; 2015CRS223103 (F) Identity Theft; 2015CRS223137 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2015CRS223138 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2015CRS223139 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2015CRS223140 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2015CRS224230 (F) Identify Theft; 2015CRS224231 (F) Obtain property false pretenses; 2015CRS224233 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2015CRS224235 (F) Identity Theft; 2015CRS224236 (F) Felony Conspiracy;
2015CRS224238 (F) Identity Theft; 2015CRS224240 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2015CRS224241 (F) Financial Card Fraud; 2015CRS224242 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2015CRS224248 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2015CRS224249 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2015CRS224250 (F) Obtain property false pretenses; 2015CRS224251 (F) Obtain property false pretenses; 2015CRS224252 (F) Obtain property false pretenses; 2015CRS224253 (F) Identity Theft; 2015CRS224254 (F) Identify Theft; 2015CRS224255 (F) Identity Theft; 2015CRS224258 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2015CRS224259 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2015CRS224260 (F) Obtain property false pretenses; 2015CRS224261 (F) Obtain property false pretenses; 2015CRS224262 (F) Obtain property false pretenses; 2015CRS224961 (F) Obtain property false pretenses;
2015CRS224962 (F) Obtain property false pretenses; 2015CRS224963 (F) Financial Card Fraud; 2015CRS225544 (F) Identity Theft; 2015CRS225545 (F) Obtain property false pretenses; 2015CRS225546 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2015CRS225548 (F) Identity Theft; 2015CRS229083 (M) Misdemeanor Larceny; 2015CRS229084 Communicating Threats; 2015CRS229084 (M) Attempted Larceny; 2016CRS013340 (F) Habitual Felon.
Outcome of hearing:
Defendant plead guilty. State presented plea deal of 12 charges (actual number is 51) plus Habitual Felon. Judge sentenced Leblanc to minimum of 50 months, maximum of 72 months, with credit for 394 days already in jail. In addition, restitution of $410.
Was the victim present?
Was he/she subpoenaed? Unsure
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
Sun Panyanouvong
Assistant District Attorney(s):
Kevin Minton
Did ADA inform the judge of our presence?
The above are Class E offenses which could bring 88 months each, or a total of 1,056 months (for the 12 counts in the plea deal). ADA listed previous three felony convictions justifying the Habitual Felon status. Courtroom well-managed and ADA and Public Defender very organized. Start time court session 10 a.m.
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