Doral McHam – Judge Ronald Chapman – Bond Unchanged

Judge Ronald Chapman
Start Time
Time judge entered
Court Watch volunteer arrived late
Time of first case
First Bond case: 10:30
Time of your case
Division / Community
South Division – Windyrush
Charges for today’s hearing:
2016CR234461 (M) Possession Marijuana Paraphernalia;
2016CR234462 (M) Possession Stolen Goods;
2016CR234464 (M) Possession Stolen Goods;
2016CR234465 (M) Possession Stolen Goods;
2016CR234466 (M) Possession Stolen Goods;
2016CR234467 (M) Possession Stolen Goods;
2016CR234478 (F) Possession Stolen Goods;
2016CR234480 (F) Possession Stolen Goods;
2016CR234481 (F) Possession Stolen Vehicle;
2016CR233225 (F) B&E Motor Vehicle;
2016CR233226 (M) Larceny
2016CR233227 (F) Financial Card Theft
2016CR233228 (F) Financial Card Fraud
2016CR233229 (F) Financial Card Fraud
Current Total Bond (set by magistrate)
Secured: $21,000
New total bond (set by judge)
$21,000 Secured
Did ADA inform the judge of our presence?
Yes, in open court
Assistant District Attorney(s):
Emily Kraper
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
Elizabeth Gerber
Was the victim present?
Not applicable
At 10:25, Judge Chapman said, “I’ve been waiting for a month. Who are we waiting for?” First bond hearing was five minutes later.
ADA Kraper enumerated all the charges and showed Judge Chapman a request from CMPD that if this defendant were to go free, it was imperative that he wear an electronic monitor.
Public Defender Gerber stated that charges were dismissed for the defendant’s accomplice due to insufficient evidence – and it was brought to her attention that this was not true.Public Defender Gerber then stated that Doral is enrolled at Turning Point and his mother would have been in the courtroom but she’s at work. Gerber requested that bond be unsecured along with the EM, which was denied. Probable Cause hearing set for 9/29.
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