Marquese Young – Judge Linwood Foust – Defendant Absconds

Judge Linwood O. Foust
Assistant District Attorney(s):
Kyle Payne
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
Christian Huel
Charlotte Division-Neighborhood Affected
South – Beverly Woods
Charges for today’s hearing:
2015CRS228669 (F) Breaking and/or Entering, Felony
2015CRS036128 (F) Habitual Felon
2015CRS036129 (F) Habitual Felon
Outcome of hearing (sentence, continuance, etc.)
Attorney Huel asked for a continuance of this case due to ongoing problems as a result of Young’s injuries. Judge Foust asked questions of the defendant regarding said injuries. ADA Payne stated that while the injuries from the incident were unfortunate, the State was asking that the motion be denied. Further delay would not be in the interest of justice. Judge Foust ruled the motion to delay was denied.
Plaintiff’s attorney then asked for a delay to speak to his client outside of the courtroom. At this time, the defendant walked out of the courtroom. A 40-minute search was made of the courthouse and the defendant could not be located.
After determining that Defendant Young absconded, Judge Foust issued a warrant for his arrest and set bond at $60,000.
Habitual Felon Team Leader Spencer Merriweather advised Court Watch that the trial was moved from Room 5110 to 5370. Prior to the Judge’s entrance, ADA Payne advised that an offer would be on the table today for the Defendant. When Young could not be located, ADA Payne stated that he would contact victim in the event there will be a jury trial. At this point, it is not known how the case will proceed.
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