Judge Charlotte Brown – Releases Homeless Offender via Pretrial Release Program, Rants about CMCW Reporting

I had perhaps my most bizarre day ever in court today. Cutting to the chase: I went to court for the offender we were tracking. Judge Charlotte Brown was advised that CharMeck Court Watch was there for the case. She made a comment about hearing from everybody including Court Watch. The ADA presented the case, the Defense responded and Judge Brown asked to hear from me.
I rose and said that I was there to observe and see how the bond hearing came out and that I had no other comments.This was followed by about a ten minute speech by Judge Brown raking CMCW over the coals for not endorsing her because she was “too soft”. She went on at length about how she took everything into account including how full the jail is, homelessness, danger to the community, recidivism, etc. (I can’t remember it all). She made a point that CMCW had criticized her for being late to court and pointed out that if she showed up at 9:00 she would sit there until 9:30 while the attorneys were getting ready.
However, the fact that she didn’t arrive in the courtroom until 10:15 and without judicial robes seems to defeat her argument. She did comment further that she was not late because court is not in session until she arrives.

She proceeded to release our defendant to pretrial custody even though he objected to an ankle monitor which would be a requirement. Part of her reasoning was that this was his first time in court as a first offender (not true, he was arrested once in 2014 and 2 times in 2015 for separate charges) and had been homeless at the time he was arrested trespassing and occupying a vacant apartment. My information is that he is a repeat offender. He was also subject to a Breaking & Entering from vehicle charge that was not even in the info that I had at the time.

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