Court Observation – Judge Regan Miller

Judge Regan Miller
Joseph Timothy Burns- 18 years old-
Was charged with larceny from auto on Waterford Lakes Dr. There was an order for arrest for charges in January. Had outstanding warrants at time of July arrest for failure to appear. Bonds were left the same amount but Judge Miller referred offender to Pre-trial to see if he qualified to be released.

9:58/10:17- No action in court
10:05– Flurry of defense attorney’s enter courtroom
7 people haven’t talked to their attorney by 10:30

Bradford Johnson- 25 years old -Was charged with Felony breaking and entering and Felony larceny after breaking and entering has no residence, however, Judge Miller referred him to Pre-trial to see if he qualified to be released.

Bryant Dixon-30 Years old- Was charged with Felony possession of stolen motor vehicle x 3,Felony breaking and entering to a motor vehicle x1,Felony larceny of motor vehicle x4
Judge left bonds the same for crimes witnessed by police. Judge unsecured all bonds that involved a private witness.
Priors are Larceny,Resist Officer x2,Trespass,Possession with intent to sell/distribute marijuana, Possession with intent to sell/distribute cocaine,Probation Violation, Disorderly Conduct and 2nd Degree Burglary.

Judge Left the bench at 10:43 and returned at 10:59 without an announcement or explaination.

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