Ronji Bostic – Judge Robert Ervin – Case Continued

Start Time
Judge Robert Ervin
Ronji Bostic
Time judge entered
Time of first case
Division / Community Plaza-Shamrock, NODA, etc.
Charges for today’s hearing:
Felony BREAKING AND OR ENTERING 2015238983, Felony LARCENY AFTER BREAK/ENTER 2015238984, Felony HABITUAL FELON 2016019046, Felony HABITUAL BREAKING/ENTERING 2016019047, Felony ATT BREAK OR ENTER BLDG 2016216864, Misdemeanor FIRST DEG TRESP ENTER/REMAIN 2016216865,
Outcome of hearing (sentence, continuance, etc.)
Mr. Bostic’s name was not on the docket and ADA Heidi Pearlman informed me that Mr. Bostic would not be in court due to medical issues. She had just received the medical papers from him and the docket was updated so his name was not on the docket.
If continued, new date/time:
Feb or March 2017
Assistant District Attorney(s):
Heidi Pearlman
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
S. Panyyanouvong
Judge Ervin came in right at 9:30 and started immediately. The ADAs were very attentive and informed us within minutes of my arrival that Mr. Bostic was not going to be in court due to medical issues.
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