Malcolm Reynolds – Judge Robert Ervin – Case Continued

Start Time
Robert C. Ervin
Malcolm Reynolds
Time judge entered
Time of first case
Time of your case
Not Applicable
Division / Community
Providence/ Grier Heights
Charges for today’s hearing:
Felony HABITUAL FELON 2016013365 Felony POSSESSION OF FIREARM BY FELON 2016215558 Misdemeanor CARRYING CONCEALED GUN 2016215560 Misdemeanor RESISTING PUBLIC OFFICER 2016215562
Outcome of hearing
See Notes :
If continued, new date/time:
To be determined
Assistant District Attorney(s):
Heidi Perlman, Kevin Minton
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
Did ADA inform the judge of our presence?
Both, Mr. Minton and Ms. Perlman were very helpful in explaining why the defendant’s case was not heard.
At his past/first? arraignment his defense attorney resigned. His new attorney did not receive his discovery (court papers)
in time to prepare for today’s date. Consequently he was not subpoenaed. Since there will not be any more cases of this nature being held next month his new court date will be in January and will be announced.
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