Xavier Rashawn Moore – Judge Yvonne Mims-Evans – Appointed New Counsel

Start Time
Judge Mims-Evans
Xavier Rashawn Moore
Time judge entered
10:00 A.M.
Time of first case
10:01 A.M.
Time of your case
11:15 A.M.
Division / Community
Independence / Landsdowne & Olde Providence North
Charges for today’s hearing:
2016CRS202482 (F) PWISD Marijuana
2016CRS202483 (M) Poss. marijuana paraphernalia
2016CRS202484(F) PWIMSD schedule 4 CS
2016CRS202485(F) PWISD cocaine
2016CRS202486(M) Carrying concealed gun
2016CRS206769(F) Poss. stolen motor vehicle
2016CRS206770(F) Flee/elude arrest w/motor vehicle
2016CRS206771 Traffic DWLR not impaired rev.
2016CRS206772 Hit/Run failure to stop, prop. damage
2016CRS210968(F) Robbery with dangerous weapon
2016CRS210969(F) Consp. robberywith dangerous weapon
2016CRS211078(F) Robbery/dangerous weapon
2016CRS211079(F) Robbery /dangerous weapon
2016CRS215425(F) robbery /dangerouse weapon
2016215426(F) Consp. dangerous weapon
Outcome of hearing
New defense attorney was appointed.
If continued, new date/time:
Don’t know
Assistant District Attorney(s):
Steven Hargrave
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
Yes – Appointed
The defendant had a problem with his first attorney (this is what Mr. Hargrave said) & requested a new attorney. Judge Mims-Evans granted a new defense attorney, Mr. Nicholson, and nothing else was resolved. I did not hear another court date issued. This information was given to me before the case was heard. He also has a pending matter in union county. Mr. Hargrave did not elaborate.
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