Denzell Flowers – Judge Yvonne Mims-Evans – Pled Not Guilty

Yvonne Mims-Evans
Denzell Devon Flowers
Start Time
Time judge entered
Time of first case
Time of your case
Division / Community Independence / Monroe Rd.
Charges for today’s hearing:
2015CRS236942 (M) Resisting public officer, 2015CRS236943(F) Possession of firearm by a felon, 2015CRS236944(F) Consp. robbery/dangerous weapon, 2015CRS236945(F) Robbery with dangerous weapon.
Did ADA inform the judge of our presence?
Assistant District Attorney(s):
Jonathan Wilson
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
Eric Bach
Was the victim present?
Notes: Defendant refused the plea agreement. He pled not guilty.
There will be a conference on Sept. 28, 2016 between attorneys. Defendant will not be present at this meeting.
The ADA did not notify Judge Mims-Evans but she knew I was there since I was the only one left in the court room with my red shirt on.
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