Court Observation – Judge Ronald Chapman

Court opens at 9:00. The judge entered the courtroom at 9:20. Except for the ADA’s, deputies and clerks there were no officers of the court present. The attorneys started showing up around 9:29. The first case was not called until 9:45 and it was for deferred prosecution. The judge had to ask that the defendant be sworn in before he questioned them. By 10:05, over an hour after court opened, 2 cases had been heard – 1 deferred and 1 to strike OFA. The judge left the bench at 10:11. There was no one in the courtroom and nothing was happening. 10:25 he returned to the bench. 10:30 attorneys were in the courtroom and bond hearings were finally started.

The judge took a guilty plea from a defendant for theft. After the sentencing (1 yr probation with credit for time served and ordered to pay restitution), the defendant started to walk away. The judge ordered him back to the front, asked him to turn around and asked if that was his undershorts showing. His pants were below his derriere. His attorney told him to pull up his pants. The judge ordered him taken into custody to start serving a 5 day sentence for contempt of court.

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