Andrew Flowers-Williams – Judge Carla Archie – Plea Deal

Start Time
Judge Carla Archie
Andrew Flowers-Williams
Time judge entered
10:00 am
Time of first case
10:02 am
Time of your case
11:25 am
Division / Community
South – Providence Plantations
Charges for today’s hearing:
2017CRS 015701 (F) Poss of Firearm by Felon
2017CRS 015703 (F) Breaking & Entering
2017CRS 015705 (F) Larceny after B&E
2017CRS 207142 (F) Breaking & Entering
2017CRS 015706 (F) 2nd Degree Burglary
Outcome of hearing
Defendant Flowers-Williams was offered a plea deal and plead guilty to 1 count of (A) Possession of Firearm. Case 015703 (B&E) was consolidated into the Firearms charge (015701). The remaining cases were consolidated under (B) 2nd Degree Burglary count to which he also plead guilty.

Judge Archie issued an active sentence of 12-to-24 months for the Firearm charge, with credit for 199 days served. Sentence for 2nd Degree Burglary charge was 12-to-24 months suspended, with 24 months’ probation. There is also a Probation Violation charge with a 90-day active sentence. Restitution is $6,360, $587.11 and attorney fees.

Defendant remains in jail 8 more months.

Was the victim present?
Was he/she subpoenaed?
Assistant District Attorney(s):
Morgan Reece
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
Kathy Pye
Did ADA inform the judge of our presence?
Judge Archie listed the maximum jail sentences for all 5 original charges as 211 months (17 years). The defendant has been arrested 14 times since June of 2015.
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