Court Observation – Judge Bob Bell – Robbery and Larceny Plea Deals

Defendant Johnny Hall (33 Yrs.Old) – Original charge of robbery with a dangerous weapon was reduced to common law robbery. The D.A’s office dismissed the habitual felon charge and robbery with a dangerous weapon charge. Incident occurred at the Walgreens on N.Tryon Street on April 20, 2016. Defendant flashed what appeared to be the handle of a gun and reached accross the counter to steal $571.00. The store had the defendant on surveillance video. The defendant was arrested and claimed that it was the handle of a squirt gun. He is a prior record level 5 with 17 Points.

He received 20-33 Months in the department of corrections with 199 days of pretrial confinement credit. Has to pay Walgreens $571.00 in restitution.


Franklin Perry (54 Years Old)- Original charges were.
Larceny of Motor Vehicle,Assault Gov. Official,Resist Public Officer, Larceny, Poss. of drug Paraphernellia,Larceny(1),B+E.

D.A’s office dismissed all charges with the exception of Felony Larceny. The plea deal was for 19-35 Months in the aggrevated range(Aggrevated because of a 2010 probation revocation) The defendant agreed there were factors present to justify the aggrevated range. Charges stemmed from an incident where the defendant stole a car because the keys were left in the ignition. 64 days Pretrial confinement.

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