Diondre Bittle – Judge Eric Levinson – Sentencing Hearing

Guilty of Felony Breaking and Entering; Conspiracy to Commit Felony Breaking and Entering; HABITUAL FELON
Not Guilty of Larceny after Breaking and Entering
Courtroom 5150 – Sentencing Hearing after Guilty Conviction
Defendant: Diondre Bittle
Defense Attorney: Robert K Trobich
ADA: Robert W. Cuffney

The defense attorney told the judge Mr. Bittle suffered from disorders that had plagued him from the 3rd – 5th grades. He has had depression from an early age. He was placed on an array of drugs and has taken them for years. He has difficulty following rules and has been in constant trouble as a result of his depression.

Mr. Bittle’s mother had elected to not attend the sentencing. She advised the attorney she could not bring herself to come to the courthouse. The attorney said Bittle has total support from his mother and stepfather.

His sentence will be consolidated. He will serve his sentence concurrently. He is to serve 78 to 106 months.

He is appealing his sentence. The appeal process will take place in 2 – 3 weeks.

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