Doral McHam – Judge Donnie Hoover – Case Continued

Judge Donnie Hoover
Doral McHam
Start Time
1st docket call
1:37 pm
2nd docket call
1:55 pm
Division / Community
South Division / Unspecified
Charges for today’s hearing (include case #s):
2016CR211191 (M) Disorderly Conduct
2016CR211193 (M) Resisting Public Officer
2016CR211195 (M) Communicating Threats
Outcome of hearing:
Continued to Plea on April 19, 2017
If continued, new date/time:
April 19, 2017
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
Assistant District Attorney(s):
Jennifer Joyner
The Defendant is in custody and has cases to be heard in Superior Court next month.
Prior to the arrival of Judge Hoover in the courtroom, I was advised by the ADA that these cases are continued to 4/19 at which time the Defendant will be pleading guilty to one or more of these charges.
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