Marquese Young – Judge Linwood Foust/ Judge Carla Archie – Habitual Felon, Etc. Hearing

Judge Linwood O. Foust & Judge Carla Archie
Marquese Young
Assistant District Attorney(s):
Kyle Payne
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
Christian Hoel
Charlotte Division-Neighborhood Affected
South – Beverly Woods
Charges for today’s hearing:
2015CRS036128 (F) Habitual Felon; 2015CRS036129 (F) Habitual Felon; 2015CRS2289669 (F) B&E; 2015CRS2289670 (F) Larceny after B&E; 2015CRS2289671 (F) Conspiracy B&E, Possession Stolen Goods; 2015CRS228771 (F) B&E; 2015CRS228772 (F) Larceny after B&E; 2015CRS228773 (F) Conspiracy B&E, Larceny; 2015CRS228675 (F) Poss Stolen Goods/Property
Outcome of hearing
Defendant is #7 on State Trial order. Stated he had matter to address the court. Public Defender gave notice to withdraw on 1-10-17 because he was a witness to charge that the Defendant absconded. Was reappointed in April 2017. Defendant Young wants to Matthew Joseph as his private attorney.
Venue was moved to Courtroom 5370 where Judge Carla Archie was on the bench. Defendant signed a waiver to not have a public defender. The Judge asked questions, i.e. did he work, how much would Attorney Joseph charge. Defendant said he worked and fee would be $3,500. He said he gets paid this Friday. Judge Archie made sure the Defendant is aware that if his private attorney does not show up or if Young does not have the funds, he will then have to represent himself. Court Watch was told by ADA that Young is still on for this week, but because there are 6 other cases before him, the case may not be reached this month.
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