Todd Cox – Judge Robert Bell – Plea Deal

Start Time
Judge Robert Bell
Todd Cox
Time judge entered
Time of first case
Time of your case
Division / Community
Charges for today’s hearing:
Felony FELONY PROBATION VIOLATION forFelony ROBBERY WITH DANGEROUS WEAPON and Felony CONSP ARMED ROBBERY BUS/PERS 2016201837, Misdemeanor POSSESS MARIJUANA UP TO 1/2 OZ 2016229521, Felony POSSESS STOLEN FIREARM 2016229523, Felony POSSESSION OF FIREARM BY FELON 20162295272016243105, Felony DISCHARGE FIREARM ENCL FEAR 201624306820162430702016243102,2016243103,2016243104, Felony AWDW INTENT TO KILL 2016243069, Misdemeanor ASSAULT BY POINTING A GUN 2016243106
Outcome of hearing
A plea deal was made that Mr. Cox will get 10-21 months on new charges of 11/16 minus time served of 197 days and he will receive 42-41 months minus127 days served for the charges of 8/16 to run consecutively. The charges of intent to kill, discharge of a firearm within enclosed area were dismissed after the relative changed his story and would not participate in the prosecution.
Was the victim present?
Was he/she subpoenaed?
Not applicable
Assistant District Attorney(s):
Glen Cole
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
F. Seagrave
Did ADA inform the judge of our presence?
Yes, in open court
ADA Cole came to me before court and was very informative in that he gave me detailed information of what to expect when Mr. Cox was in court that he was to plead guilty to the charges and should accept the plea deal. After Mr. Cox was sentenced ADA Cole to time to with me in the conference room to explained the charges and why some of the charges were dropped.
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