Tevin Quayshawn Williams – Judge Bob Bell – Pled Not Guilty

Start Time
Judge Bob Bell
Tevin Quayshawn Williams
Time judge entered
9:33 am
Time of first case
9:34 am
Time of your case
10:20 am
Division / Community
Community Wide
Charges for today’s hearing:
17CRS220613 & 614 (F) Kidnapping
17CRS220615 & 615 (F) RWDW
17CRS220617 & 618 (F) 1st Degree Forcible Rape
17CRS220619 (F) 1st Degree Forcible Sex Offense
17CRS220620 (F) 1st Degree Forcible Sex Offense
17CRS220621 (F) 1st Degree Forcible Sex Offense
17CRS220622 (F) Possession of Stolen Firearm
17CRS220630 (M) Urinating in Public
17CRS220632 (M) Resisting Public Officer
17CRS220633 (M) 1st Degree Trespassing
Outcome of hearing
Defendant Williams pleaded Not Guilty against the advice of his attorney.
Was the victim present?
Was he/she subpoenaed?
If continued, new date/time:
March 7, 2018
Assistant District Attorney(s):
Jane Honeycutt
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
Dean Loven, Public Defender
Did ADA inform the judge of our presence?
Following ADA Honeycutt’s reading of the charges, the Defendant pleaded Guilty. Public Defender Loven then asked the Judge for some time. Judge Bell asked, “Why?” The response was to complete plea documents. The defendant and his attorney left the courtroom for 15 minutes. Upon their return, the ADA listed the two plea deals that had been offered: the first being 55 years in prison which was rejected, and second being 50 years in prison. There was an outburst from Public Defender Loven telling the defendant, “No! You are not running this!” Subsequently, the defendant pleaded Not Guilty. Judge Bell said he had a bench conference with both sides earlier and advised the defendant that his attorney had vigorously defended mitigating circumstances on his behalf. ADA Honeycutt stated that the plea deals were now off the table and a trial by jury could ultimately get a sentence of 259 to 293 years in jail.
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