Marquese Young – Judge Jesse Caldwell – Case Continured

Judge Jesse Caldwell
Marquese Young
Assistant District Attorney(s):
Kyle Payne
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
Salena Davis-Woods
Charlotte Division-Neighborhood Affected
South Div – Beverly Woods
Charges for today’s hearing:
15CRS036129 – Habitual Felon
15CRS228669 – (F) Breaking & Entering
15CRS228670 – (F) Larceny after B&E
15CRS228671 – (F) Conspiracy B&E, Poss of Stolen Goods
Outcome of hearing
After a lengthy discussion of the history of the defendant, the Judge stated that this case has been going on much too long. In order to eliminate any chance of an appeal, the Judge granted the motion to suppress the statement (admitting guilt) made by the Defendant when he was in the hospital. It was ordered that a subpoena be sent to the charge nurse at CMC to determine if pain medication affected the Defendant’s mental state. Case continued to March 5th.
Habitual Felon Team Leader, Gabrielle Kelly, spoke with Court Watch before and after proceedings.

The Public Defender (the 4th one given to the Defendant) stated that she was unaware that this was a high-priority case. Since she has just been appointed, she received a large volume of documents in a short period of time. Defendant’s mental state information and hospital records were not given to her until January 24th. She stated that a subpoena on the hospital staff takes more than ten days.

Due to the rotation of Superior Court judges, every time the Defendant has appeared in court has been before a different judge – making the comprehension of all the facts very difficult.

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