Keyshawn Crowder – Judge Hugh Lewis – Plea Deal

Start Time
Judge Hugh B. Lewis
Keshawn Crowder
Time judge entered
9:30 am
Time of first case
Time of your case
Not heard
Division / Community
Charges for today’s hearing:
2017CRS204947(F) Probation violation & felony possession of stolen firearm.
Outcome of hearing
Plea deal accepted. He served his total sentence therefore he was released.
Assistant District Attorney(s):
Mr. Delnero
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
Did ADA inform the judge of our presence?
We spoke to ADA Mr Delnero to see if Keshawn Crowder was on the docket since he was not listed on the court docket I pulled up. He was not listed on the docket for court room 4170 so I went up to court room 5170 & he was not listed on the ADA’s docket. Mr. Delnero said he would check to see what happened to Mr. Crowder. As the court recessed for lunch the ADA came & told me he was in court on 1-22-2018 as an add on to the docket for that day. Since he has served the total time he was sentenced ,he was released. The ADA didn’t know who the judge was on 1-22-2018 or the ADA working the case.
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