Judge Charlotte Brown-Williams – Unsecuring Bonds Before Thanksgiving

During our time there we observed 21 bond hearings. Judge Brown-Williams completely unsecured 16 bonds. Which means those defendants can get out of jail today without putting up any money. On a murder case she took a No Bond and gave him a 500,000 bond. His co-defendant who is 17 years old and is caught on camera walking over the the victim, who had already been shot once and was laying on the ground, stood over the victim and shot him again execution style. His bond went from no bond to 1,000,000. (David Kelly was the ADA relaying the events)

Judge Brown-Williams reduced our AWDIKISI from $100,000 to $25,000 after asking us if we were from the community where this occurred (which we were). This was shortly after she unsecured a gang-related 2nd degree kidnapping and robbery case!

She partially unsecured 2 other drug-related cases.

She did go on a rant twice about 2 people in the court room who had their boxers showing.
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