John Hughes, Char Meck Court Watch Repeat Offender

7/22/14 – John Hughes – Judge Robert Ervin

Docket Start Time
Time judge entered
Time of first case
Judge Robert Ervin
John Hughes
Time of your case
Providence/Barclay Downs
Charges for today's hearing: 
FELONY Breaking & Entering Motor Vehicle 2013248169; FELONY Breaking & Entering Motor Vehicle 2013248172; MISDEMEANOR Larceny 2013248179; MISDEMEANOR Larceny 2013248173; MISDEMEANOR Possession of Stolen Goods 2013248171; MISDEMEANOR Possession of Stolen Goods 20134248174
Outcome of hearing (sentence, continuance, etc.)
None, defendant pled not guilty and case will go to trial.
Was the victim present?
Was he/she subpoenaed?
Assistant District Attorney(s):
Thomas Taylor
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
Thurston Frazier
Did ADA inform the judge of our presence?
Defense attorney said the defendant did not have all of the discovery and the plea deal until Friday and did not have enough time to make a decision. Judge Ervin asked what the plea deal was and ADA Taylor said it was for 30-48 months as an E-6. There will also be an additional Habitual Felon charge added. The judge asked what the defendant thought and he said he was looking for 12 months. The plea deal will remain open until the pretrial readiness conference so the defendant can make a decision.
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