After the Kerrick Trial…

On August 21, 2015, after the officer Kerrick trial verdict was handed down there was a period of civil unrest by Black Lives Matter protesters and anyone else looking to take advantage of the situation. During this period, a repeat offender by the name of Stevonta Mackey was arrested for assaulting a public transit operator, assaulting a co/campus police officer, resisting a public officer, public disturbance and communicating threats. In watching the local news coverage of this arrest, it is apparent that Stevonta Mackey has no regard for authority.

This is not the first time Mr. Mackey has demonstrated violence.  Stevonta was arrested back in March of 2014 for assaulting a female. He was also arrested January of 2015 for the same charge. Other arrests have included false imprisonment and interfering with emergency communication. Mr. Mackey has had his bond terminated and violated his probation all in 2015. Yet, they release Mr. Mackey from jail by unsecuring his bonds seemingly not taking his past criminal actions into consideration.

Do you think the same decisions would be made if the magistrates and judges had to deal with this individual on the street without the protected environment they enjoy when processing these repeat offenders? You be the judge …

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