John Hughes, Char Meck Court Watch Repeat Offender

4/15/15 – John Hughes – Judge Forrest Bridges

Judge Forrest D. Bridges
John Joseph Hughes
Assistant District Attorney(s):
Thomas Taylor
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
Charlotte Division-Neighborhood Affected
Providence Division
Charges for today’s hearing:
Felony BREAK OR ENTER A MOTOR VEHICLE 2013250086,2014026401, 2014026402, 2014026403, 2014026404, 2014026405,2014212033, Misdemeanor MISDEMEANOR LARCENY 2013250087,2014026406, 2014026407, 2014212034, Misdemeanor POSS STOLEN GOODS/PROP 2014026408, 2014212035, Felony HABITUAL FELON 2014026409, Felony BREAKING AND OR ENTERING 2014027212, Felony LARCENY AFTER BREAK/ENTER 2014027213
Outcome of hearing 
Defendant pled guilty to 1 count of breaking/entering a motor vehicle and admitted his status as a habitual felon. Sentenced to 32 to 51 months in prison.
Based on information provided by ADA Spencer Merriweather, III.
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