7/7/15 – Nathaniel Black, III – Judge Yvonne Mims-Evans

Docket Start Time
Time judge entered
2:15 pm
Time of first case
2:20 pm
Judge Yvonne Mims Evans
Nathaniel Black, III
Time of your case
4:50 pm
Eastway Division
Charges for today’s hearing:
Felony FELONY POSSESSION OF COCAINE 2014217935, 2014250255, Misdemeanor POSSESS DRUG PARAPHERNALIA 2014201801, 2014250254, Misdemeanor POSSESS MARIJUANA UP TO 1/2 OZ 2014201802, Felony PWISD COCAINE 2014201803, Felony POSSESS HEROIN and POSSESS SCH I CS-MDMC 90-95 2014201804, Felony ASSAULT BY STRANGULATION 2014247027, Misdemeanor COMMUNICATING THREATS 2014247028, Felony AWDWIKISI 2014249603, Felony POSSESSION OF FIREARM BY FELON 2014249604, 2014250264, Felony MALICIOUS CONDUCT BY PRISONER 2014250259, 2014250260, Misdemeanor RESISTING PUBLIC OFFICER 2014250261, Felony POSSESS HEROIN 2014250272
Outcome of hearing 
Plea deal. Consolidated sentence 33 – 52 mos. plus 8 mos. for misdemeanors; 21 – 35 mos. suspended with 30 mos. probation; batterer intervention and parenting classes; substance abuse program; $1,800 lab fees; $1,491 attorney fees; 209 days credit for time served. Confiscated drugs and firearms to be destroyed; electronic devices to be properly disposed of and $232.10 cash donated to CMS.
Was the victim present?
Was he/she subpoenaed?
Assistant District Attorney(s):
Glen Cole
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
C. Morgan
Did ADA inform the judge of our presence?
Yes, in open court

Record Level 3. 8 Points. Maximum possible term is 335 months.

The cases above included all of the pending cases for this defendant.

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