9/22/15 – Alex Gill – Judge Bob Bell

Start Time
Judge Robert Bell
Alex Gill
Time judge entered
Time of first case
Time of your case
Division / Community
Providence – Monroe Rd. Corridor
Charges for today’s hearing:
Outcome of hearing 
Habitual Breaking and entering was pled down to Habitual “Attempted” Breaking and entering. Sentenced to 40-60- months active in the Dept of Corrections. Received 169 credit for pretrial confinement. $350 in attorney fees.
Was the victim present?
Was he/she subpoenaed?
Assistant District Attorney(s):
Kevin Minton
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
Mr. Romaine
Did ADA inform the judge of our presence?
Yes, in open court
Incident involved The Gate gas station on Monroe Rd at 4:50am. Defendant was caught on video using a crowbar to get into a storage unit. Defendant is shown going in and coming out of storage unit. Defendant then smashed the window of the gas station mart and attempted to get inside.
When the defendant was later picked up and shown the video, he was asked if it was him and he said yes.
The defendant has the highest number of possible points on his record (25). He is a level 6 offender.
The defendant’s attorney stated that the defendant told him someone with a gun was chasing him and he smashed the window to set off the alarm so the police would come and help him.
It was mentioned that the defendant has mental health issues.
Defendant was adamant about pleading not guilty to the charges and taking it to trial.
In open court, with his client standing next to him, the defense attorney asked ADA Minton for clarification of some facts before his client decided what he was going to do.
Defense attorney, “Do you have surveillance video of my defendant kicking in the door?”
ADA Minton, “Yes.”
Defense attorney, “Do you also have a confession?”
ADA Minton, “Yes.”
Defense attorney, “Would you use that information as part of your prosecution during a trial?”
ADA MInton, “Yes.”
The defense attorney had a quick discussion with his client and announced that his client has decided to take the plea deal.
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