2/4/15 – Xavier Lindsey – Judge Robert Bell

Docket Start Time
Time judge entered
Time of first case
Judge Robert Bell
Xavier Lindsey
Time of your case
South – Rexwood
Charges for today’s hearing:
2014CRS234750 (F) Breaking & Entering Motor Vehicle, 2014CRS234751 Felony Larceny; 2014CRS047392 (F) B&E Motor Vehicle; 2014CRS047393 (F) B&E Motor Vehicle; 2014CRS047394 Felony Larceny; 2014CRS047395 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2014CRS047396 (M) Financial Card Fraud; 2014CRS047397 (F) Financial Card Theft; 2014CRS047398 (M) Possession of Stolen Goods; 2014CRS047399 (M) Larceny; 2014CRS047400 (F) Habitual Felon; 2014CRS047401 (F) Habitual Felon; 2014CRS047402 (F) Felony Habitual Felon
Did ADA inform the judge of our presence?
Assistant District Attorney(s): *
John Clark
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
Thurston Frazier
Was the victim present?
Defendant’s attorney asked for a continuance, which was denied. ADA Clark offered a plea deal of one Motor Vehicle charge and one Habitual Felon charge with 40 to 60 months’ jail time. This plea deal was rejected and is no longer on the table. Defendant Lindsey pled Not Guilty and denies Habitual Felon status. A pre-trial conference is scheduled for March 4th at which time all parties involved will safeguard that all evidence is in place to proceed with a trial.
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