1/28/15 – Matthew Patterson – Judge Martin McGill

Start Time
Judge Martin McGill
Matthew Patterson
Time judge entered
9:55 am
Time of first case
10:00 am
Time of your case
10:05 am
Division / Community
Eastway Division
Charges for today’s hearing:
: Misdemeanor POSSESS DRUG PARAPHERNALIA 2013209490,2014215706, Misdemeanor RESISTING PUBLIC OFFICER 2013209491,2013214412, 2014215704, Felony FELONY POSSESSION OF COCAINE2013209492, Felony PWISD COCAINE 2013214414, 2014215707
Outcome of hearing (sentence, continuance, etc.)
Was the victim present?
Not applicable
Was he/she subpoenaed?
Not applicable
If continued, new date/time:
Assistant District Attorney(s):
David Kernodle
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
Robert Trobich
Did ADA inform the judge of our presence?
Notes: *
Mr. Patterson’s attorney was present and stated that he talked to Mr. Patterson last evening (1/25/15) and that Mr. Patterson was not able to come to court because shortly after his arraignment he was shot 13 times and has a fracture neck. He is home and unable to come to get around. Mr. Patterson wants to take the deal offer given by the DA’s office, but would like to have the 30 day splint because of his condition. Right now Mr. Patterson does not have any jail time credit so he will have do the entire 30 days, but spending 30 days in jail would be too difficult as he is healing from his injuries.

Mr. Patterson’s next court date is Feb 23 and at that time, depending on how Mr. Patterson’s injuries have healed, he may start his jail time. The Judge was willing to state a time for Mr. Patterson to start his jail time, but both parties (attorney and ADA) want to wait until 2/23 even though Mr. Trobich will be starting a murder case that dates.

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