12/9/15 – Darius Bailey – Judge Ronald Chapman

Ronald L Chapman
Darius Bailey
Start Time
Time judge entered
Time of first case
Time of your case
Division / Community
Eastway – Wiondsor Park
Charges for today’s hearing:
2015242852 Poss weapon by felon (F); 2015242856 Robbery w/ Dangerous Weapon (F); 2015242859  Robbery w/ Dangerous Weapon(F); 2015863 Consp Robbery w/ Dangerous Weapon (F); 2015242864 Consp Robbery w/ Dangerous Weapon (F)
Current Total Bond (set by magistrate)
Secured: $16,000
New total bond (set by judge)
Did ADA inform the judge of our presence?
Assistant District Attorney(s):
Bruce Lillie
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
Gregory Woods
Was the victim present?
ADA met us promptly. In our conversation, we pointed out that the guideline minimum bond for these charges is $107,525 with no maximum. We asked if there would be a request to increase bond and he indicated that this would be an unusual occurrence. He also pointed out that often the defendant will avoid a bond heating when it is as low as this one.

At 10:01, Mr. Lillie told us that the defendant had declined to appear for a bond hearing.

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