1/25/16 – Omar Cook – Judge Hugh Lewis

1-25 thru 2-9-16
Judge Hugh B. Lewis
Omar Cook
Assistant District Attorney(s):
Glenn Cole, III & Dan McNeill
Defense Attorney/Public Defender:
Scott Gsell
Charlotte Division-Neighborhood Affected Independence – Village Lake
Charges for today’s hearing:
2014CRS205997(F) attempted first degree murder, 2014CRS205998(F) attempted first degree murder,
2014CRS205999(F)Assault with a firearm,
2014CRS206000(F)Assault with a firearm
Outcome of hearing: 2014CRS205997(F)Attempted first degree murder on Officer Dority – Not Guilty.
2014CRS205998(F)Attempted first degree murder on Officer Hanson – Not Guilty.
2014CRS205999(F)assault with a firearm on Officer – Guilty – 31 to 50 months active sentence.
2014CRS206000(F)assault with a firearm on Officer – Guilty – 31 to 50 months active sentence.
To be served in the Department of Adult Corrections.
$500.oo court cost, 725 days credit (for time served) and
$17,000 plus for attorney fees.  These sentences were to run consecutively. The attorney cost was $17,153. plus . The judge indicated that would be a civil judgment.

Notes: Two years ago, Charlotte resident Omar Cook shot through a closed door at two CMPD officers. A jury did not agree he should be guilty of Attempted First Degree Murder. They did find him guilty of two counts of Assault with a firearm on a law enforcement official (one count for each of the officers that were shot at). These are Class E felonies and the defendant was a prior record level I for sentencing. Additionally, the jury found an aggravating factor and Judge Hugh Lewis, a Mecklenburg County Superior Court Judge, sentenced the defendant to prison for the maximum amount of time allowed under the law for this offense AND he ran the two sentences consecutive: 31 months minimum and 50 months maximum for each offense for a total of 62 months minimum and 100 months maximum.
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