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Mecklenburg County has a reputation for being lenient on crime

Please, help us change that. We, as citizens, need to get involved to let our judicial officers know that we are tired of the "revolving door"!!! We want to keep repeat offenders




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Mission Statement

Our mission is to supply the citizens of Mecklenburg County with factual information regarding the rulings of the presiding judges in cases of individuals with extensive criminal histories that are impacting our neighborhoods. In doing so, we are seeking accountability from the judicial system and their handling of these criminals.

CharMeck Court Watch

est.October, 2008


In 2008, a group of neighborhood leaders, under the guidance of Officer Dave Padgett and Sgt. Tom Barry, began brainstorming ways to address crime in their area. What arose out of that was the desire to find out what happens from the time a repeat offender is arrested to the time he/she gets released back into their communities. CharMeck Court Watch (CMCW) was born. The group met every 2 weeks and discussed offenders who are a chronic problem in the neighborhood. They began attending court hearing for the offenders which included bond hearings, arraignments, probation violations, jury trials and trials by judge.

CMCW volunteers, who have branched out into several areas throughout the city, have spent thousands of hours in meetings and multiple courtrooms observing various judges. Through our volunteers’ hard work and determination, we have made great strides in recognizing problems in our judicial system and creating transparency. This experience allows the citizens to become informed about the current judges and also has educated the citizens to where they take an active roll in getting or keeping good judges on the bench.

CMCW still meets twice a month with each Division (Eastway, Independence, Providence, South) meeting on various days and times. These time are posted on our Event Calendar.