CMCW Divisions

How CMCW Operates Throughout the City

CharMeck Court Watch formatted it's structure to align with CMPD's. There are 13 CMPD Divisions in Charlotte with 3 Response Areas in each Division.

By setting our groups up in this fashion, it allows those of us within a Response Area, which contains several neighborhoods, to get together with our officers who work in our neighborhoods. Each group has a Leader, Calendar Coordinator, Offender Coordinator(s), New Member Coordinator and Treasurer. We meet twice a month to discuss activity occurring within our Response Area(s). During those meetings we discuss our recent court hearings attended and also sign up for the upcoming hearings. We end our meetings with a 50/50 raffle which is not only fun but is the main source of income for our completely citizen funded organization.

Below are maps of the divisions in which we have active groups (Click on map to view offenders tracked in each Division):