Court Observation – Judge W. Todd Pomeroy

Notes: Rm 5350 Grayson Ferrell made headlines in 2015 for shooting a Cornelius Police Officer. He plead guilty before the Judge today on the charge of Assault with a Deadly Weapon with intent to kill, public officer. The State asked to postpone the sentencing until 9/11 at 9:30am so that the injured officer could be […]

Court Observation – Judge Yvonne Mims-Evans – Murder Charges

Notes: Defendant – Cordero Lamont McCoy was a co-defendant with Diondre Montrez Bittle. The primary charges were 1st degree murder, conspiracy, B&E, felon with a firearm. He and the co-defendant were found not guilty by a jury following an eight day trial. His attorney was Ken Snow. The ADA’s were Jay Ashendorf and Bill Bunting. […]

Court Observation – Judge Ronald Chapman

Court opens at 9:00. The judge entered the courtroom at 9:20. Except for the ADA’s, deputies and clerks there were no officers of the court present. The attorneys started showing up around 9:29. The first case was not called until 9:45 and it was for deferred prosecution. The judge had to ask that the defendant […]

Court Observation – Judge Bob Bell – Robbery and Larceny Plea Deals

Notes: Defendant Johnny Hall (33 Yrs.Old) – Original charge of robbery with a dangerous weapon was reduced to common law robbery. The D.A’s office dismissed the habitual felon charge and robbery with a dangerous weapon charge. Incident occurred at the Walgreens on N.Tryon Street on April 20, 2016. Defendant flashed what appeared to be the […]

Court Observation – Judge Yolanda Trotman – 47 minutes late

Judge Judge Yolanda Trotman Notes: Was attending what ultimately was a continuation of a Probable Cause Hearing for Defendant Doral McHam. Was told by ADA Leslie Sample that the cases were not yet papered and the Probable Cause hearing was once again continued to November 5th. Although court was scheduled to start at 9:00 a.m., […]

Court Observation – Judge Yolanda Trotman – Judge Leaves Court Repeatedly

July, 2016 Judge Judge Yolanda Trotman Notes: This was the afternoon session of court. It is scheduled to start at 1:30 PM. There were 9 attorneys and 4 officers waiting for the session to start. The judge entered the courtroom at 2:33 PM. She left the bench at 2:45 PM and returned at 2:48. She left the […]

Court Observation – Judge Regan Miller

Judge Regan Miller Notes: Joseph Timothy Burns- 18 years old- Was charged with larceny from auto on Waterford Lakes Dr. There was an order for arrest for charges in January. Had outstanding warrants at time of July arrest for failure to appear. Bonds were left the same amount but Judge Miller referred offender to Pre-trial to […]

2/12/16 – Judge Christy Mann – Court Observation

Judge Mann entered the court room right at start time and immediately began calling cases. She kept things rolling by having deputies go out of the court room in an attempt to locate persons needed to proceed with cases. Judge Mann stayed focus on the facts of the cases and if she had a question […]

Court Observation – Judge Ronald Chapman – Indecent Exposure

Judge Judge Ronald L. Chapman Notes: DEFENDANT: Jaytreal Dominick Sims DEFENDANT ATTORNEY: Simon Massie, appointed ADA: Kevin Long CHARGES: Misdemeanor INDECENT EXPOSURE 2014243409 Victim testified that she got to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Aquatic Center about 10:00 am on 11/3/14. She swam laps for 20 – 30 minutes and noticed the defendant walking in the pool […]

7/7/15 – Court Observation – Judge Yvonne Mims-Evans

DEFENDANT: ANTONIO GREENE COLLINS D/O/B: 4/22/1997ADA: GLEN COLE DEFENSE ATTORNEY: DANIEL ROBERTS CHARGES: Felony ROBBERY WITH DANGEROUS WEAPON 2015206588, Felony ATT ROBBERY-DANGEROUS WEAPON 2015206590, Felony AWDW SERIOUS INJURY 2015206591, Misdemeanor DISCHARGE FIREARM IN CITY2015206593, Misdemeanor POSSESS HANDGUN BY MINOR 2015206594 RULING: Plea deal is 24 – 46 months with 136 days credit and a mental […]

11/18/2014 – Court Observation – Judge Yvonne Mims-Evans

Judge Mims-Evans Commented to the ADA during another case that she does not like to be pinned down to the bottom of the range on plea offers.During one case she refused to accept a plea deal at the bottom of the range. In another case the defense attorney asked for an extension for a defendant […]