Keyshawn Crowder – Judge Hugh Lewis – Plea Deal

Start Time 9:30am Judge Judge Hugh B. Lewis Defendant Keshawn Crowder Time judge entered 9:30 am Time of first case 10:30 Time of your case Not heard Division / Community RA2 Charges for today’s hearing: 2017CRS204947(F) Probation violation & felony possession of stolen firearm. Outcome of hearing Plea deal accepted. He served his total sentence […]

Alex Gibson – Judge Yvonne Mims-Evans – Plea Deal

Start Time 10:00am Judge Yvonne Mims-Evans Defendant Alex Gibson Time judge entered 10:00am Time of first case 10:05am Time of your case 10:50am Division / Community Providence / Unspecified Charges for today’s hearing: Felony BREAK OR ENTER A MOTOR VEHICLE and Felony FINANCIAL CARD THEFT 2016014103, Misdemeanor MISDEMEANOR LARCENY 2016014104, 2016015469, Felony BREAK OR ENTER A MOTOR VEHICLE 2016015468 […]

Dontae Anthony – Judge Linwood Foust – Case Continued

Start Time 9:30am Judge Judge Linwood Foust Defendant Dontae Anthony Time judge entered 9:40 Time of first case 9:45 1st docket read Time of your case 9:47see note Division / Community Eastway-Plaza Midwood, Villa Heights, Belmont Charges for today’s hearing: Felony FELONY PROBATION VIOLATION for Felony BREAKING AND OR ENTERING 2013240168, 2013240176, 2014000193 Outcome of hearing Continued […]

Ricky Giles – Judge Bob Bell – Plea Deal

Judge Judge Robert Bell Defendant Ricky Giles Assistant District Attorney(s): K.Minton Defense Attorney/Public Defender: Tousinant Romaine Charlotte Division-Neighborhood Affected Providence / Harris Teeter(Morrison Blvd.) Charges for today’s hearing: (F)Common Law Robbery,(F)Flee and Elude Arrest w/Motor Vehicle,(F) Hit and Run fail to stop property damage,(F)Possession of Motor Vehicle,(F)Flee and Elude arrest w/Motor Vehicle,(M) Resist Public Officer […]

Court Observation – Judge Bob Bell – Robbery and Larceny Plea Deals

Notes: Defendant Johnny Hall (33 Yrs.Old) – Original charge of robbery with a dangerous weapon was reduced to common law robbery. The D.A’s office dismissed the habitual felon charge and robbery with a dangerous weapon charge. Incident occurred at the Walgreens on N.Tryon Street on April 20, 2016. Defendant flashed what appeared to be the […]

Ralph Silva – Judge Regan Miller – Bond Unchanged

Judge Judge Reagan Miller Defendant Ralph Silva Start Time 9:00am Time judge entered 9:10 Time of first case 9:50 Time of your case 10:30 Division / Community South/Vicksburg Park Charges for today’s hearing: Misdemeanor RESISTING PUBLIC OFFICER 2016248216 Felony OBTAIN PROPERTY FALSE PRETENSE 2016248217 Felony FINANCIAL CARD THEFT 2016248218 Current Total Bond (set by magistrate) Secured: $3,500 New total bond […]

Justin Thomason – Judge Lisa Bell – Probation Revoked

Start Time 9:30am Judge Lisa Bell Defendant Justin Marquis Thomason Time judge entered 9:35 am Time of first case 10:00 Time of your case 11:15 Division / Community Independence / Timbers Common Charges for today’s hearing: 2015CRS2011116(F) Probation violation & felony common robbery. Outcome of hearing Guilty. His sentence is 12 to 24 months active […]

J’Lan Tyrique Floyd – Judge Lisa Bell – Case Continued

Start Time 9:30am Judge Judge Lisa Bell Defendant J’Lan Tyrique Floyd Time judge entered 9:33 am Time of first case 9:55 am Time of your case 11:31 am Division / Community Metro Division Charges for today’s hearing: (CONSP TO DISCHARGE FIREARM IN AN ENCLOSURE COMMON LAW; (F)  16CRS221617 – Probation Violation Outcome of hearing Continued […]

Xavier Moore – Judge Bob Bell – Plea Deal

Start Time 9:30am Judge Judge Bell Defendant Xavier Moore Time judge entered 9:30 Time of first case 9:50 Time of your case 11:05 Division / Community Independence / Unspecified Charges for today’s hearing: FELONY ASSAULT PHYSICAL INJURY to LAW ENFORCEMENT/PROBATION/PAROLE OFFICER, MISDEMEANOR UNAUTHORIZED USE OF MOTOR VEHICLE 2016212444, FELONY POSSESS STOLEN MOTOR VEHICLE 2016206769, FELONY FLEE/ELUDE […]

Malcolm Reynolds – Judge Bob Bell – Defendant Pled Not Guilty

Judge Judge Bob Bell Defendant Malcolm Reynolds Assistant District Attorney(s): Heidi Defense Attorney/Public Defender: C.Anderson Charlotte Division-Neighborhood Affected Providence / Unspecified Charges for today’s hearing: (F) Habitual Felon,(F) Poss. Firearm by a Felon,(M) Carry concealedweapon(GUN),(M)Resist Public Officer. Outcome of hearing Pled not guilty,denied being a habitual felon. Said he wasn’t happy with his attorney’s services […]

1/25/16 – Omar Cook – Judge Hugh Lewis

Date 1-25 thru 2-9-16 Judge Judge Hugh B. Lewis Defendant Omar Cook Assistant District Attorney(s): Glenn Cole, III & Dan McNeill Defense Attorney/Public Defender: Scott Gsell Charlotte Division-Neighborhood Affected Independence – Village Lake Charges for today’s hearing: 2014CRS205997(F) attempted first degree murder, 2014CRS205998(F) attempted first degree murder, 2014CRS205999(F)Assault with a firearm, 2014CRS206000(F)Assault with a firearm […]

1/19/16 – Christopher Hudson – Judge Sumner

Judge Judge Sumner Defendant Christopher Jason Hudson Assistant District Attorney(s): Kevin Minton Defense Attorney/Public Defender: C. Okwara Charlotte Division-Neighborhood Affected Eastway / Country Club Apts. Charges for today’s hearing: Felony HABITUAL FELON 2014020721, Felony BREAKING AND OR ENTERING 2014020722 Felony LARCENY AFTER BREAK/ENTER2014020723, Felony POSS STOLEN GOODS/PROP 2014020724 Outcome of hearing: This was a jury […]