Ahmad Anthony – Judge Karen Eady-Williams – Case Continued

Judge Judge Karen Eady-Williams Defendant Ahmad Anthony Start Time 9:00am 1st docket call 9:00am 2nd docket call 9:20am Time judge entered 9:35am Time of 1st case 9:45am Time of your case 0000 Division / Community Indy Charges for today’s hearing Poss. Marijuana Outcome of hearing: Continuance If continued, new date/time: 12/13/17 Defense Attorney/Public Defender: unsure […]

Keyshawn Crowder – Judge Karen Eady-Williams – Placed on Probation

Judge Karen Eady-Williams Defendant Keyshawn Crowder Start Time 1:30pm 1st docket call 1:40pm 2nd docket call 2:05pm Time judge entered 2:08pm Time of 1st case 2:20pm Time of your case 3:15pm Division / Community  CityWide Offender Charges for today’s hearing (include case #s): 16CR214370(M) POSSESS HANDGUN BY MINOR 16CR214036(M) DISCHARGE FIREARM IN CITY Outcome of hearing: […]

12/14/15 – Jarmel Rodriguez Brevard – Judge Karen Eady-Williams

Judge  Karen Eady Williams Defendant  Jarmel Rodriguez Brevard Start Time   9:00am Time judge entered  9:30 am Time of first case  9:33 am Time of your case   9:37 am Division / Community  Eastway / Windsor Park Charges for today’s hearing:   Felony ROBBERY WITH DANGEROUS WEAPON 2015242838, 2015242842, Felony CONSP ROBBERY DANGRS WEAPON 2015242839, 2015242840 […]

3/9/15 – Sheldon WIlliams – Judge Karen Eady-Williams

Docket Start Time 9:00am Time judge entered 9:30 am Time of first case 9:32 am Judge Judge Karen Eady Williams Defendant Sheldon Williams Time of your case 10:25 am Division/Community Eastway Division Charges for today’s hearing: Felony ROBBERY WITH DANGEROUS WEAPON 2015206836,2015206840, 2015206843, Felony CONSP ROBBERY DANGRS WEAPON 2015206837, 2015206839, 2015206844 Felony FIRST DEGREE BURGLARY […]