Keyshawn Crowder – Judge Hugh Lewis – Plea Deal

Start Time 9:30am Judge Judge Hugh B. Lewis Defendant Keshawn Crowder Time judge entered 9:30 am Time of first case 10:30 Time of your case Not heard Division / Community RA2 Charges for today’s hearing: 2017CRS204947(F) Probation violation & felony possession of stolen firearm. Outcome of hearing Plea deal accepted. He served his total sentence […]

Kristopher McDuffie – Judge Yvonne Mims-Evans – Continued Indefinitely…

Start Time 10:00am Judge Judge Yvonne Mims-Evans Defendant Kristopher McDuffie Time judge entered 10:02 Time of first case 10:05 Time of your case 10:20 Division / Community Independence / Charleston Place Charges for today’s hearing: 2016CRS247882 (F) Probation violation, Conspiracy robbery with a dangerous weapon. Outcome of hearing (sentence, continuance, etc.) This case was continued indefinitely. […]

Ahmad Anthony – Judge Karen Eady-Williams – Case Continued

Judge Judge Karen Eady-Williams Defendant Ahmad Anthony Start Time 9:00am 1st docket call 9:00am 2nd docket call 9:20am Time judge entered 9:35am Time of 1st case 9:45am Time of your case 0000 Division / Community Indy Charges for today’s hearing Poss. Marijuana Outcome of hearing: Continuance If continued, new date/time: 12/13/17 Defense Attorney/Public Defender: unsure […]

Court Observation – Judge W. Todd Pomeroy

Notes: Rm 5350 Grayson Ferrell made headlines in 2015 for shooting a Cornelius Police Officer. He plead guilty before the Judge today on the charge of Assault with a Deadly Weapon with intent to kill, public officer. The State asked to postpone the sentencing until 9/11 at 9:30am so that the injured officer could be […]

Justin Thomason – Judge Lisa Bell – Probation Revoked

Start Time 9:30am Judge Lisa Bell Defendant Justin Marquis Thomason Time judge entered 9:35 am Time of first case 10:00 Time of your case 11:15 Division / Community Independence / Timbers Common Charges for today’s hearing: 2015CRS2011116(F) Probation violation & felony common robbery. Outcome of hearing Guilty. His sentence is 12 to 24 months active […]

Xavier Moore – Judge Bob Bell – Plea Deal

Start Time 9:30am Judge Judge Bell Defendant Xavier Moore Time judge entered 9:30 Time of first case 9:50 Time of your case 11:05 Division / Community Independence / Unspecified Charges for today’s hearing: FELONY ASSAULT PHYSICAL INJURY to LAW ENFORCEMENT/PROBATION/PAROLE OFFICER, MISDEMEANOR UNAUTHORIZED USE OF MOTOR VEHICLE 2016212444, FELONY POSSESS STOLEN MOTOR VEHICLE 2016206769, FELONY FLEE/ELUDE […]

Charlie Moore – Judge Lisa Bell – Probation Revoked, must serve active time

Start Time 9:30am Judge Judge Lisa Bell Defendant Charlie Moore Time judge entered 9:34 Time of first case 1st call was at 9:36 Time of your case 10:32 Division / Community Independence Division / Monroe Rd. Charges for today’s hearing: 2013CRS250149 (F) Probation violation Outcome of hearing Probation was revoked, defendant was sentenced to 14 […]

Diondre Bittle – Judge Lisa Bell – Probation Violation Hearing Continued

Start Time 9:30am Judge Judge Lisa Bell Defendant Diondre Montrez Bittle Time judge entered 9:34 Time of first case Not sure because during roll call a lot of the cases called were continued Time of your case 9:40 Division / Community Milton Morris Dr. off Albemarle Rd Charges for today’s hearing: Probation violation for 2013 […]

Aldrick Taylor – Judge Alicia Brooks – Case Continued

Judge Judge Alicia Brooks Defendant Aldrick Taylor Start Time 1:30pm 1st docket call 1:57 pm 2nd docket call 2:04 pm Time judge entered 2:04 pm Time of 1st case 2:05 pm Time of your case Not heard Division / Community RA 2 Charges for today’s hearing (include case #s): 2015CRS224155 Resisting public officer (not Indy […]

Xavier Rashawn Moore – Judge Yvonne Mims-Evans – Appointed New Counsel

Start Time 10:00am Judge Judge Mims-Evans Defendant Xavier Rashawn Moore Time judge entered 10:00 A.M. Time of first case 10:01 A.M. Time of your case 11:15 A.M. Division / Community Independence / Landsdowne & Olde Providence North Charges for today’s hearing: 2016CRS202482 (F) PWISD Marijuana 2016CRS202483 (M) Poss. marijuana paraphernalia 2016CRS202484(F) PWIMSD schedule 4 CS […]

Charlie Moore – Judge Linwood Foust – Probation Violation Hearing Continued

Start Time 9:30am Judge Judge Foust Defendant Moore, Charlie Time judge entered 9:35 Time of first case 9:40 Time of your case 10:15 Division / Community Independence Charges for today’s hearing: COMMON LAW ROBBERY; FELONY PROBATION VIOLATION; FELONY PROBATION VIOLATION 13CRS250149 Outcome of hearing Continued until Dec 15th at the request of his attorney and […]