10/5/15 – Xavier Lindsey – Judge Robert Ervin

Judge Judge Robert Ervin Defendant Xavier Lindsey Assistant District Attorney John Clark Defense Attorney/Public Defender: Thurston Frazier Charlotte Division-Neighborhood Affected South – Rexwood Charges for today’s hearing: 14CRS234750, Felony B&E Motor Vehicle; 14CRS234751, Felony Larceny; 14CRS047392, Felony B&E Motor Vehicle; 14CRS 047393 Felony B&E Motor Vehicle; 14CRS047394, Felony Larceny, $2,500 Sec; 14CRS0473395, Felony Financial Card […]

9/22/15 – Jamelle James – Judge Bob Bell

Docket Start Time 9:30am Time judge entered 9:30am Time of first case 9:33am Judge Judge Robert Bell Defendant Jamelle James Time of your case n/a Division/Community South-Beverly Woods Charges for today’s hearing: 2015CRS213355, (F) Breaking & Entering Felony; 2015CRS213357(F) Conspiracy Breaking & Entering, Felony Larceny Outcome of hearing  Defendant failed to appear. Was the victim […]

Marquese Young – Yolanda Trotman – 49 minutes late

 9/15/15 Court Start Time 9:00am Time judge entered 9:49am Time of first case 9:50am Judge Yolanda Troutman Defendant Marquese L Young Time of your case 9:25am* Division/Community South Div.-Beverly Woods Charges for today’s hearing: 2015CR228669, (F) B&E; 2015CR228670, (F) Felony after B&E; 2015CR22871, Conspiracy (F) B&E Building, Larceny; 2015CR228771, (F) B&E, 2015CR228772, (F) Larceny after […]

8/27/15 – Kendrick Brinckley – Judge Regan Miller

Start Time 9:00am Time judge entered 9:35am Time of first case 9:40am Judge Regan A Miller Defendant  Kendrick Brinckley Time of your case 10:35 Division/Community South – Beverly Woods Charges for today’s hearing: 2015CR228766, (F) B&E; 2015CR228767, (F) Larceny after B&E; 2015CR228768, (F) Conspiracy B&E Building; 2015CR228770, (F) Possession of Stolen Goods; 2015CR223412, (F) Obtain […]

4/28/15 – Jeremy Cromer – Judge Bob Bell

Docket Start Time 9:30am Time judge entered 9:28am Time of first case 9:30am Judge Judge Robert Bell Defendant Jeremy L Cromer Time of your case 10:30am Division/Community South – Brandon Forest Charges for today’s hearing: 2014CRS242000 (F) Breaking & Entering; 2014CRS242145 (F) Breaking & Entering; 2014CRS242146 (F) Larceny after B&E; 2014CRS242147 (F) Possession of Stolen […]

Eller, Joel

Eller, Joel About this offender PID#  208435 Date of Birth:  10/31/78 Division/Response Area:  Eastway/2 Neighborhood(s) affected:   Plaza Midwood (5/2011), Commonwealth/Morningside (4/2012) Last 2 years of Arrest History Current inmate status Department of Adult Correction History Revolving-Door-drawing2 Court Appearance Data Posts not found Criminal HistoryComplete North Carolina criminal activity