Tasha Locklear – Judge Carla Archie – Plea Deal/Suspended Sentence

Start Time 2:00pm Judge Carla Archie Defendant Tasha Locklear Time judge entered 1:30 pm Time of first case 1:35 pm Time of your case 4:30 pm Division / Community Eastway – Greenbriar Apts Charges for today’s hearing: Felony FLEE/ELUDE ARREST W/MV 2017206308, Misdemeanor RESISTING PUBLIC OFFICER 2017206310, Felony BREAKING AND OR ENTERING 2017028881, Felony LARCENY AFTER BREAK/ENTER 2017028882 Outcome […]

Kareem Krider – Judge Yvonne Mims-Evans – Initial Plea Rejected

Start Time 9:30am Judge Yvonne Mims-Evans Defendant Kareem Krider Time judge entered 9:37 Time of first case 9:50 Time of your case 10:17 Division / Community Eastway Charges for today’s hearing: Felony Break of Enter a Motor Vehicle (9 counts), Misdemeanor resist public officer, Misdemeanor carrying concealed weapon, misdemeanor larceny (7 counts) Outcome of hearing […]

Xavier Moore – Judge Bob Bell – Plea Deal

Start Time 9:30am Judge Judge Bell Defendant Xavier Moore Time judge entered 9:30 Time of first case 9:50 Time of your case 11:05 Division / Community Independence / Unspecified Charges for today’s hearing: FELONY ASSAULT PHYSICAL INJURY to LAW ENFORCEMENT/PROBATION/PAROLE OFFICER, MISDEMEANOR UNAUTHORIZED USE OF MOTOR VEHICLE 2016212444, FELONY POSSESS STOLEN MOTOR VEHICLE 2016206769, FELONY FLEE/ELUDE […]

1/5/16 – Kendrick Brinkley – Judge Bob Bell

Start Time 9:30am Judge Judge W. Robert Bell Defendant Kendrick Brinkley Time judge entered 9:30 am Time of first case 9:40 am Time of your case 11:10 am Division / Community South Division – Beverly Woods Charges for today’s hearing: 2015CRS228766 (F) Felony Breaking and Entering; (dismissed) 2015CRS228767 (F) Felony Larceny after B&E; (consolidated for […]

7/7/15 – Nathaniel Black, III – Judge Yvonne Mims-Evans

Docket Start Time 2:00pm Time judge entered 2:15 pm Time of first case 2:20 pm Judge Judge Yvonne Mims Evans Defendant Nathaniel Black, III Time of your case 4:50 pm Division/Community Eastway Division Charges for today’s hearing: Felony FELONY POSSESSION OF COCAINE 2014217935, 2014250255, Misdemeanor POSSESS DRUG PARAPHERNALIA 2014201801, 2014250254, Misdemeanor POSSESS MARIJUANA UP TO […]

Cedric Young – Judge Charlotte Brown – Gun Charge Sentence is Suspended

Judge Judge Charlotte Brown Defendant Cedric Young Start Time 1:30pm Time judge entered 1:58 pm 1st docket call 1:40 pm 2nd docket call 1:52 pm Time of 1st case 2:05 pm Time of your case 2:25 pm Division/Community Providence Division Charges for today’s hearing with case #s Misdemeanor DISCHARGE FIREARM IN CITY 2014232187 Misdemeanor POSSESS HANDGUN […]