Judge Yolanda Trotman - Court Monitoring Data
Court data recorded by CMCW volunteers

Court Observation – Judge Yolanda Trotman – 47 minutes late

Judge Judge Yolanda Trotman Notes: Was attending what ultimately was a continuation of a Probable Cause Hearing for Defendant Doral McHam. Was told by ADA Leslie Sample that the cases were not yet papered and the Probable Cause hearing was once again continued to November 5th. Although court was scheduled to start at 9:00 a.m., […]


Court Observation – Judge Yolanda Trotman – Judge Leaves Court Repeatedly

July, 2016 Judge Judge Yolanda Trotman Notes: This was the afternoon session of court. It is scheduled to start at 1:30 PM. There were 9 attorneys and 4 officers waiting for the session to start. The judge entered the courtroom at 2:33 PM. She left the bench at 2:45 PM and returned at 2:48. She left the […]


Marquese Young – Yolanda Trotman – 49 minutes late

 9/15/15 Court Start Time 9:00am Time judge entered 9:49am Time of first case 9:50am Judge Yolanda Troutman Defendant Marquese L Young Time of your case 9:25am* Division/Community South Div.-Beverly Woods Charges for today’s hearing: 2015CR228669, (F) B&E; 2015CR228670, (F) Felony after B&E; 2015CR22871, Conspiracy (F) B&E Building, Larceny; 2015CR228771, (F) B&E, 2015CR228772, (F) Larceny after […]