The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all. -- John F. Kennedy

Keep CharMeck Court Watch Alive

Although we have lost many potential donations because we are NOT non-profit, we have chosen to stay that way because of the importance of being able to endorse judicial candidates and to educate the citizens of Mecklenburg County. One of the biggest concerns shared with us is the lack of information on judges. Our vounteers have spent thousands of hours in court and get a good feel for the judges. At election time, this education is invaluable.

Although our overhead is small, we still need regular contributions to keep us moving forward and to help make more citizens aware of our organization. Your donation is needed and truly appreciated and ALL of it goes back into the organization. No one takes a salary or is compensated.

Please consider giving to help sustain this much needed organization. THANK YOU, in advance.

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