Court Monitoring

1. Creating Transparency

Court data regarding cases of repeat offenders is entered on this website under the judge's tabs and the offender's profile pages. This creates a level accountability for many judicial players: the Magistrate's office, the Judges, the District Attorney's office and the defense attorneys. The offender's profile page also displays their criminal history as well as the current data.

2. Community Involvement

When our cases are called in court, the assistant district attorney announces to the judge in open court that citizens are present because they are concerned about this case. This is often the only resistance and offender gets from the community. Because of this involvement, some offenders have quit their activity in specific neighborhoods.

3. Citizens Education

As citizens track their cases, sit in court and then share information at their divisional meetings, they become educated as to the judicial process, the laws that affect the rulings of the judges and our systems flaws. CharMeck Court Watch uses this information to help create positive changes locally and also statewide by contacting our legislators.

Interested in becoming a volunteer?

Steps to getting involved:
Contact us. We will respond to you within 24 hours to let you know our next meeting time and place closest to you. At the meeting, you will be informed as to how you can make a difference through CharMeck Court Watch.
If you decide to become a volunteer, we will guide you through the process.
Get involved to help make Mecklenburg County TOUGHER ON CRIME!!!

Ways you can volunteer:

Learn how to track offenders impacting your neighborhood and make the information available to your CharMeck Court Watch team. This information will also be posted on this website for the public to view.nnSit in on court sessions regarding offenders that are being tracked to show community support.nnCollect data from a court session regarding an offender that is being tracked which will be posted on this website for the public to view.nnBecome a leader for the Division Response Area in which you reside.nnManage the court session calendar for the CharMeck Court Watch team of which you are a member.nnAttend meetings to learn more about our judicial system.nnDonate funds needed to keep CharMeck Court Watch running efficiently.