Superior Court Judges

About Superior Court

The counties of North Carolina are grouped into 46 superior court districts, which in turn are grouped into eight divisions. One or more superior court judges are elected for each superior court district. The Superior Court is the proper division for the trial of civil actions in which the amount in controversy exceeds $10,000. Through the clerk of superior court, has exclusive original jurisdiction for probate of wills and for administration of decedent's estates. As to criminal jurisdiction, the Superior Court has original jurisdiction in all felony cases and in some misdemeanor cases. Most misdemeanors are tried first in the District Court, from which a conviction may be appealed to the Superior Court for trial by a jury. Both criminal and civil cases in superior court are tried before a twelve-person jury.

Each district has a senior resident superior court judge who is responsible for court operations within their district. By statute, he or she is the most senior judge in the district and is responsible for carrying out various administrative duties and appointing magistrates and some other court officials.

Mecklenburg County has 7 Superior Court Judges:

26(a) Judge Yvonne Mims-Evans; Judge Linwood Foust

26(b) Judge Carla Archie; Judge Hugh Lewis; Judge Lisa Bell

26(c) Judge Bob Bell; Judge Eric Levinson

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